Carpet Cleaning

When you want to keep carpets looking better for longer, you need to subject them to professional cleaning at least once every six monthsProfessional cleaning treatments will also prolong the life of your carpets and give you more mileage.

Carpet CleaningOur professional carpet cleaning in Greater London is a specialised cleaning treatment which delivers exceptional quality cleaning results on all types of synthetic and natural fibre carpets. The service is specially designed to work deep inside the carpet, in between strands, all the way down to its base layer, where the real hygiene issue are. Our cleaning methods are a far cry from conventional cleaning treatments which only yield, short lived, superficial cleaning results.

Furthermore, our specialised carpet cleaning in Greater London is also highly effective in lifting and removal of organic and chemical stains from most types of carpets. Carpets see a lot of thrills and spills on a daily basis, this however doesn’t mean they should be subjected to conventional or homemade cleaning treatments as the risk of damage to fibres, or risk of spreading the staining further out is too substantial.

On the other hand, our steam and dry carpet cleaning treatments will not affect or alter the structure, appearance, characteristics or comfort properties of your carpets. For our professional carpet cleaning in Greater London we use one of two available cleaning methods – steam cleaning or dry cleaning.

  • Steam carpet cleaning is perfectly safe for all types of carpet fibres; the cleaning process uses the natural cleaning power of steam in order to effectively remove dirt and grime built-up, as well as stubborn staining; carpets will require a certain number of hours to dry properly after cleaning before they are ready for use;
  • Dry carpet cleaning is relatively new method which optimises cleaning through reduced drying time; dry cleaning also reduces mechanical damage to the carpet through minimised contact between carpet fibres and cleaning equipment; dry cleaning is done using nontoxic powdered cleaning agents and small amounts of solvent, needed for pre-treating stubborn staining;

Regular carpet cleaning is necessary in order to improve indoor air quality and reduce the amount of irritants inside the premises. This is especially important for individuals suffering from respiratory conditions.

Carpet CleaningOur professional carpet cleaning in Greater London is a well-priced service which shouldn’t put a strain on your budget. Carpet cleaning can be requested as one off cleaning, or on a fixed schedule basis – the regular cleaning visits are a great way to keep your carpets clean at all times, without having to worry about scheduling or excess costs.It would be a great addition to our end of tenancy cleaning service.

The cleaning service will be conducted in a suitable time and day of the week, with the least amount of disruption to your daily schedule. For best results, the cleaners will need a certain amount of hours, so please bear with them for the time being as it is all to your benefit.

Please be advised, that heavily worn or damaged carpets will not be subject to cleaning, as this would only worsen the damage. Thank you for your consideration.